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The Last Rite of Death


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The Last Rite of Death
The Last Rite of Death

This story originates from a long time ago, when people began to recognize Demons.

Once upon a time, a boy James was born into the Walker family, in adulthood he moved to the city, and his parents stayed in the family home far away in the wilderness, the day came when James Walker’s parents passed away, then he decides to move to his family’s house.

James was slowly getting used to the house, when suddenly he began to find incomprehensible records of his parents, then he still had no idea what was really lurking here

Every night strange phenomena occur, whether it’s an open door locked with a key, broken dishes on the floor or footsteps somewhere behind, what is going on in this house? only you can figure it out

Your task

– Solve the terrible mystery of the Walker family, which led to the latest events

– Find out what kind of creature is connected with it and get rid of it

– To resist the evil forces in the struggle for a peaceful life

More detailed

You will play as James in a house in which paranormal phenomena occur every night, you will have to find out why this is happening by living night after night in this terrible place, but your goal will be to get to the truth of this deep story, you will get a plot that will awaken fear in you.

As you progress, you will receive hints that will help you, but be careful, not everything is as simple as it may seem.

You need to be more attentive to details and be patient, otherwise anything can happen to you, and remember, in this story your eyes and ears are your salvation.

– Atmospheric graphics

– Sounds that will keep you at bay

– A plot based on real events

– A story that takes your breath away

The Last Rite of Death

The Last Rite of Death


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