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Hello, one-person development studio “WEST SUN”.

I interested in horror contents. and virgin ghost is a familiar character in Korea.

I started developing that “How about making a virgin ghost the main character of the game?”

This game was developed by mixing the feelings of the 2D platform genre in the 90s.

I would appreciate it if you could enjoy the 2D platformer genre game where the cute virgin ghost is the main character.

Since it’s a game made by oneself, there may be a bug.

I would appreciate it if you could report the fatal bug by e-mail.

Thank you.

* This game supports the following controllers.

xbox 360 pad / xbox one pad / play station 4 pad (dual shock 4)


One dark day…

A strong lightning strike a shabby tomb hard.

Due to the unknown cause, a ghost in the form of a woman appears in the tomb, but

virgin ghost suffer without remembering anything.

Someone found a virgin ghost in a house nearby,

The game begins as the virgin ghost notices it and enters the house.

Why did the main character become a ghost?

Let’s go on a mysterious journey to find out who did it!

Hide System

Luna, a virgin ghost, can hide slightly as a “hide”.(not completely)

and It can stun state the other person for a while or pass through the body.

However, most people drink strange water, can see the existence of the ghost Luna.

Hiding is useless for animals.

Certain obstacles can be passed as ‘hide’ state.

Bump as ‘hide’ state at humans enemy.

The human enemy in stun state for a moment and the attack is valid.

Bosses have strong energy and cannot give them a state of stun, but they pass through the body as they are.




System minimum

System recommended