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Undiscovered House


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Undiscovered House
Undiscovered House

Late evening, dark, quiet forest road. The guy travels home after work and suddenly makes an accident due to a strange creature on the road out of nowhere. After an irreparably wrecked car, he seeks help and finds his way straight into the house. Strange events begin to unfold in the house and he engages in an exploration of the mysteries of the scary house from which there is no way back.

Chapter 1. Acquaintance

You came to find a help at a house near the accident. House with open doors. It looks like something is waiting for you. When you walk in, no one responds, but you feel like someone is watching you all the time. There is a shadow in the dark that haunts you all the time. Shadow wants to say something for you, but it don’t dare.

Chapter 2. Maze

You discover a secret tunnel. Darkness and cold surrounds you. The locals told the truth. The tunnels are confusing and it is not easy to find an exit. The shadow still doesn’t leave you.

Chapter 3. Answer

You manage to escape from the tunnel and you get to the hospital. It seems you will be able to solve the house mystery. The shadow appears. Will you be able to talk to him? The shadow is approaching too fast ..

Undiscovered House

Undiscovered House


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