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3D Infocom Game 1 Part 1


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WARNING! – you will need dedicated graphics to run this game.

This is a remake of the first Infocom game complete.

UPDATE PATCH 14th Sept – the stuttering in the forest at the beginning of the game has been removed. The frame rate is much better. Sorry about the rocky launch. Please email me any bugs. Thank you.

This Australian Indie studio is committed to converting the old Infocom text adventures to 3d first person adventures. 3D Infocom Game 1 Part 1 is the first of these to be developed. These infocom remakes are practically exactly the same as the originals.

Instructions for playing the free pre-release demo –

WASD – move

Mouse – look around

Left click – interact

Right click – inventory / save / load / quit

Space – jump

Left Shift – run

Objects to find in the demo – 8

Things to do in the demo – 3

3D Infocom Game 1 Part 1 is a puzzle adventure game of the past. Like the original, this game has no instructions or quest markers. It

is up to the player to figure out how to progress. The only hint is to PROGRESS! You will know once you have won.

3D Infocom Game 1 Part 1

3D Infocom Game 1 Part 1


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