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A Dragon’s Tale: Fading Light


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A Dragon’s Tale: Fading Light
A Dragon’s Tale: Fading Light

Explore a magical world full of secrets, puzzles and enemies!

The Black Dragon, a mighty creature from the Shadow Realm, devours the light of the island. Embark on a journey across 6 enchanting worlds, learn powerful abilities and stop its evil forces! “A Dragon’s Tale: Fading Light” is a unique action platformer with various RPG elements such as a skill-tree and leveling-system. The abilities can be combined in unique ways by the player to solve challenging puzzles, do platforming or battle enemies & mighty bosses.

More features:

Master 18 abilities including fireballs, lightning rays, thorns & many more and combine them to become the strongest dragon!

Find magical runes scattered across the levels and use them to unlock more & more abilities in the skill tree. Combine devastating attacks with helpful support abilities like shields, healing & various other buffs.

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Key Fetures:

  • 6 worlds & 24 unique levels
  • 18 powerful abilities with 9 levels each
  • 6 challenging boss battles
  • Over 250 secrets and items to find and collect
  • Estimated 6+ hour playtime per campaign
  • Epic original game soundtrack composed by Jonas Kopetzky

A Dragon's Tale: Fading Light PC Crack