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Abraxas Interactive’s PUSH


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Abraxas Interactive’s PUSH
Abraxas Interactive’s PUSH

…a love letter to classic top-down push block puzzle video games.

This is not a casual puzzle game. It is really, really hard.


100 Puzzles. 10 floors, with 10 puzzles each.

Simple push-block game mechanics, use your keyboard or a controller to solve very difficult and unforgiving push-block puzzles with unique twists.

Collect all of the spinning pips to open the door to the next room, but make sure you have cleared a path for your escape. Linear progression, you can’t skip levels, you can’t choose a level. You start on the first puzzle and you see how far you can get.

Different types of push blocks and floor tiles. Regular blocks that become inactive once the door opens, toggle blocks that switch from active to inactive after they’re pushed once and that toggle back after the door opens, ice blocks that slide across the screen, dice blocks that combine the power of dice with the power of blocks, and various colored holographic blocks that are controlled with switches.

Two different difficulty modes. Play in Normal mode, where your progress is saved. Learn from your mistakes. There is no undo button, there are no hints. You either solve the puzzle or you die and you try again. If Normal mode is too easy, and it probably isn’t, feel free to try Sisyphus mode, where every death brings you back to the first puzzle to start over again as if you were in some kind of Sisyphean hell. Honestly, though, I doubt anyone will ever beat Sisyphus mode. It’s just mean. I’d be surprised if people beat Normal mode.

Try to have fun. It will feel really good to beat the game, but I am sorry, a little, that I made the game so difficult.

Abraxas Interactive’s PUSH

Abraxas Interactive’s PUSH


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