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Aeon of Sands – The Trail (v1.0.2)


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Aeon of Sands – The Trail  (v1.0.2)
Aeon of Sands – The Trail (v1.0.2)

Aeon of Sands – The Trail is a roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic desert world. It combines exploration gameplay with classic gamebooks where you create your very own non-linear story adventure.

The game follows the misadventures of a likeable slacker, who is suddenly thrown out of his cozy home into a terrible, infinite desert that seems to hate him.

Get ready for a world full of events, puzzles and secrets that want to be explored!

It’s basically Choose Your Own Adventure featuring Dungeon Crawling!

The Setting

The Kinami giant tree, a rare and precious shelter in a sea of sand around which the story evolves, and on whose colossal trunk and branches a hardy people built a whole city, Pantella.

Exits The Hero!

Setrani is the main character of the story: vain and clumsy, he’s one of the young men and women who keep the Kinami tree in good health.

Key Fetures:

  • Choose your path, or stumble around blindly! Let nonlinearity be your pal!
  • Replay it! Do it differently all over, and still manage to sabotage civilisation!
  • Travel the large desert like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Play with magic, which is most often as dangerous to you as to others!
  • Face multiple endings, and more often, your own!
  • 20 locations and more than 60 mazes and dungeons to explore
  • More than 140 dialogues
  • Completely hand drawn 2.5D environment, 240 hand-drawn illustrations
  • Up to 2 other characters can join your party during play
  • Each character’s personality influences the outcome of the story, and opens up new paths


System minimum

System recommended