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Areia: Pathway to Dawn


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Areia: Pathway to Dawn
Areia: Pathway to Dawn

Areia: Pathway to dawn is a fascinating adventure that takes you through the different stages of enlightenment. A relaxing experience combined with unique gameplay. A journey like no other.

Engage yourself with the mysterious existence of your Self and the world around you. Create paths and solve puzzles with a fluid and straightforward game mechanic. Discover different realms as you venture into the unknown. Collect the fragments of your past, and uncover the meaning behind your existence. Immerse yourself into relaxation with our handcrafted visuals and soundtracks.

Areia: Pathway to dawn is an adventure to be discovered and felt with your deepest emotions.

Play – Handcrafted levels with relaxing but gameplay intensive design.

See – High-quality visuals with amazing scenery and lighting to create a visually rich experience.

Listen – Music made from the ground up to convey emotions and create a meditative vibe.

Feel – An emotional game that is made to captivate different players.

Learn – A story about the stages of the samsara wheel of life.

Areia: Pathway to Dawn

Areia: Pathway to Dawn


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