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Backrooms Exploration


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Backrooms Exploration
Backrooms Exploration

Backrooms Exploration is a 3D Retro Atmospheric Psychological Horror with Adventure elements that combines a Retro VHS style, with atmospheric audio, and scenery to create a mysterious and wondrous universe

Mistcloud’s Backrooms Unique Features! –

· Explore 10 main Backrooms levels

· Adventure through the backrooms solo

· Complete Puzzles to progress through the backrooms in Horror Mode

· Explore the Backrooms Freely in Liminal Mode

· Two Modes – Horror and Liminal

o Horror mode – Complete puzzles in every level of the backrooms to escape and move on with a more classic Horror Playstyle

o Liminal mode – Adventure and explore the backrooms freely with little to no instructions and see if you can find your way through the backrooms

Our reality… your reality has disintegrated right before your eyes. James Karagiannis, creator of the Backrooms Exploration, invites you to explore the multiple eerie backrooms levels that sit right outside of our reality. Discover what or who the Backrooms are, and try to escape the Backrooms if you are allowed to…

Backrooms Exploration is a Retro Style Atmospheric Psychological Horror, where you play as someone who has been banished to the backrooms and must use the limited resources provided, to escape 9 eerie levels, With the help of a mysterious pen pal, you must traverse your way through the levels and uncover the information laid within the riddles. From the musty carpets of Level 0 to the expansive oceans of Level 7, it’s up to you to uncover the secret of why you ended up here in the Backrooms, riddle by riddle, and puzzle by puzzle

Backrooms Exploration

Backrooms Exploration