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Bride into the Cave


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Bride into the Cave
Bride into the Cave

Bride into the Cave is an intricate Chinese folklore-inspired puzzle-solving game. The narrative unfolds in a serene, secluded ancient town in Xiangxi, where ancient secrets surround the tradition of the Cave Bride: once a beautiful girl is chosen to become the new bride of the cave deity, her soul vanishes from the mortal world.A Miao minority girl called Miao Fei embarks on her journey to uncover the truth behind the legend, and rescue herself, perhap.

Embark on a journey starting from the mysterious mountain cave, accompanying Miao Fei, a Miao ethnic girl in a red wedding dress, as you explore intricate puzzles and reveal the truth behind the legend of the cave deity. As revelations unfold, reality may prove more mundane than imagination, yet also more cruel.

With an art style imbued with ethnic customs and delicate hand-drawn illustrations, you are transported to a Xiangxi (a Southeastern region of China) world that is both real and unreal, mysterious yet simple.

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Mysterious and ancient female script, Miao language, engrave enduring secrets. The narrative interweaves with puzzles. Delve into the intricacies behind the puzzles and let the truth about the Bride come to light.

This is a journey of self-discovery and liberation for a young girl, challenging outdated traditions. It offers players a picturesque and exotic experience in a seldom-explored region of China.

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