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Creature Hunter


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Creature Hunter
Creature Hunter

Produce powerful spells with the loot you collect. Destroy creatures that get stronger at each level with collective or single spells. Defend yourself with defensive spells. Cross deadly parkour with the spells you’ve crafted.

Creatures get stronger with each level. Equip magical items and become stronger. Produce effective spells against 8 different types of creatures. Each creature has different characteristics and way of dying.

Collect loot on maps

Add some of the loot to your inventory for later use.

Craft spells with loot

Craft abilities to collect loot and damage creatures. Some creatures do not take damage from certain spells.

Deadly Parkour

Cross deadly parkour with the spells you’ve crafted.

Protect the loot

Store the collected loot in the in-game storage.

Area effect spells

Kill hordes of creatures with AoE spells.

Creature Hunter

Creature Hunter