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Doctor Xenophon’s Laboratory


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Doctor Xenophon’s Laboratory
Doctor Xenophon’s Laboratory

You awaken in a dark, mysterious place to the haunting words of the laboratory’s operating system. You are informed that you are robot unit 403279 and Doctor Xenophon has requested your assistance. The journey to his office is distant, and you will need to solve a series of puzzles to make your way through the laboratory. However, all is not as you remember. The laboratory seems to be strangely empty and much darker than the last time you were awake. You are guided by the operating system of the laboratory, but be wary in your journey because the Doctor has left a series of traps and hostile robots to catch intruders and spies attempting to steal his ideas. And of course, don’t fall into the abyss!


Extensive Single Player: An engrossing single player experience with an immersive story and platforming game play.

Robotic Enemies: Keep clear of several enemy robots and traps scattered across the laboratory.

Engaging Puzzles: To progress towards his office, you will need to solve the puzzles left behind for you by the doctor.

Original Soundtrack: A fully original soundtrack by Archeostyle Studios including Synthwave and Industrial music.

Copyright @ 2021 Archeostyle Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Doctor Xenophon’s Laboratory

Doctor Xenophon’s Laboratory


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