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Dungeon and Puzzles


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Dungeon and Puzzles
Dungeon and Puzzles

Dungeon and Puzzles is an award-winning puzzle game. The adventurer can use different abilities by switching to a different type of equipment. Use a sword to attack monsters around you, or bow and arrow to kill enemies from afar. Push the obstacles back using a shield, and even pull the monsters using special gloves. You have to think about what kind of ability needs to be used in every step, kill all monsters and reach the exit to clear the level.

This game has 150 hand-crafted levels. The player has to understand the game’s mechanics to be able to clear levels. In order to reach an advanced goal, you have to optimize the solution. Sometimes you even have to discard the original solution you made before. Looking at things and thinking of a new way from a different perspective, then you finally reach the goal.

If you clear the level by spent fewer steps than the standard, welcome to share your amazing results with us!

Key Fetures:

  • Dungeon + Puzzle + Sokoban
  • 150 hand-crafted levels
  • Dungeon atmosphere pixel art
  • Non-linear dungeon map

Dungeon and Puzzles

Dungeon and Puzzles


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