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Dying Flame


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Dying Flame
Dying Flame

Dying Flame takes the tradition of Japanese horror RPGs with their heavy emphasis on jump scares and puzzle solving and ramps it up by taking away the consistent source of hope and comfort: – Light.

Dying Flame is designed to leave the player plunged in darkness, while solving puzzles to not only escape the twisted mansion, but also uncover the full story of addiction, guilt and marital loss.

Dying Flame atmosphere will leave you fearing a 16-bit digital darkness, with a yearning to keep a lighter handy all the time.

– A horror atmosphere wherein players solve puzzles based on clues found in the house.

– Gather the items needed to solve puzzles, and unlock the full story

– You can save, but whether or not you save, will test you, stress you and give an understanding of an addict’s craving.

– Death haunts your every step from the darkness.

– A sudden plunging death is possible with one misstep.

– Headphones *strongly* recommended.


The making of Dying Flame has been a labour of love and heartbreak.

The game boasts multiple endings, all drawn from our personal experiences, of loss, guilt, forgiveness and the liberation of moving forward with life, as a light or flame as your guide.

Between the demands of real life, full time employment and trying to work on a game part time, we found ourselves literally lost in the dark. Instead of giving up, we took a leap of faith and plunged into indie game development in June of 2020.

We’re finally happy with the design, and believe that we have created the experience we wanted, and are proud to share the story of James and Mary with the RPG Maker and wider gaming community.

We hope that you will gain an insight into pain, loss, grief, addiction and what guilt can do to a person, and that you will never have to personally experience it.

Dying Flame

Dying Flame


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