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Faded Stories: Greenberg


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Faded Stories: Greenberg
Faded Stories: Greenberg

The sad truth about a place of endless possibilities is… It’s hard to tell a real story from a fairy tale. If everything can happen, then how do you know anything is true? And if you fail to record your history… it’s like you never existed. The city of Greenberg has no beginning, but its end is near.

Here in the city of Greenberg time is meaningless, and space is infinite. The city has endless history and yet… The whole place is fading away. True, verified stories are rare, spread over time. If you are interested, you can experience them for yourself. More people learn about this city, the longer it will stay on the map.

Play the abstract point & click game and experience the amazing atmosphere of this place. The game is divided into a series of short stories, where each chapter has its own unique theme. Find alternative paths and discover as many secrets as possible.

Key Fetures:

  • An original, abstract world full of creative concepts and ideas
  • Minimalist art style
  • Atmospheric ambient
  • Alternative paths and secrets

Faded Stories: Greenberg

Faded Stories: Greenberg


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