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恶灵退散 Go Back to Hell


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恶灵退散 Go Back to Hell
恶灵退散 Go Back to Hell

Introduction to the game:

This is a click game with horror theme to find hidden items.

Players play an exorcist and go to all kinds of gloomy and terrible scenes to investigate suspicious hidden items.

Some of them are illogical and strange, some are supernatural ghosts, or bloody and terrible.

As an exorcist, the homeowner invites you to eliminate demons. He certainly doesn’t want you to miss any demons and ghosts, so within the time, click with the mouse to find all hidden items, otherwise ghosts will jump out to scare players.

Every time a thorough investigation is carried out and no suspicious points are omitted, the picture will become a little warm, which will be counted as passing the customs and accumulate the completion points of the scene.

Game features:

10 different gloomy scenes, each containing 20 hidden items.

Different from everyone’s fault finding, it is not the reference and comparison between the left and right of the two pictures, but a single picture, with a wider field of vision.

The number of hidden items in the scene each time is random and does not tell the player the remaining number.

After playing each scene repeatedly and accumulating 100%, the button to enter the two week eye mode will appear.

The second week’s eyes are shrouded in dark fog, the visual range becomes smaller, the scene becomes red, the music of each scene becomes more urgent, the number of hidden items increases and the time becomes less.

One second will be deducted for each mistake.

Some simple and interesting hidden achievements.

The rules are simple and there is no language understanding barrier.

The process is not long. You can get a refund if you don’t like it.

恶灵退散 Go Back to Hell

恶灵退散 Go Back to Hell


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