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God’s Plan


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God’s Plan
God’s Plan

Welcome to Purgatory!

The sundered world is neither above or under us, it’s inside our minds.

It’s us who choose it, even if it’s called God’s Plan…

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Key Fetures:

  • This bluish, ice-cold realm lies between hell and heaven, where souls become trapped awaiting their final judgment. You will wander through this maze until you have endured enough suffering.
  • You are not alone in this place. Your memories are almost real, but somehow not as you remember them. Other suffering souls accompany you through this journey—souls that you may have harmed, perhaps.
  • There are four levels, each with a painting inside, each corresponding to the curse applied to you. Each painting reveals fragments of the story; however, it is your imagination that will bring it to life. Keep an eye out for Easter eggs, as they can help you build it up.
  • Some levels require you to find objects to proceed, but you will encounter obstacles along the way.

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