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“INHUMAN” is an independent horror game, which mainly focuses on the narrative of the story and the experience of psychological horror, and strives to create fear and shock in the soul.

The game integrates the gameplay of classic horror games, and gives unique innovative elements. It is ingenious in the way of decryption. Combined with the extreme oppression of the chasing battle, your spirit will reach the peak.

Character background

The heroine was accidentally kidnapped, but when she woke up, she found that she was actually in the family’s ancient house. What is even more frightening is that the ancient house was burned down by a fire as early as 20 years ago.

So the heroine began to explore the secrets buried in this ancient house, and how her family died in the battle for power that year. However, as the heroine went deeper and deeper, she found that it was not at all…

I kept walking in the room, trying to wake up the memory of the past, I began to fantasize, everything here is so real, God! I can’t tell each other apart anymore, come and help me! !


——Psychedelic horror- Huge scene, every time you turn your eyes, your original scene is changing.

——Various decryption- There are many kinds of puzzle objects. The puzzles are based on notes, even some candles and so on.

——Elaborately crafted music- A lot of background ambient music, as well as subtle tunes, complement the environment and enhance the sense of substitution.

——A story with endless aftertastes- Carefully explore the environment in the game and pay attention to every detail, so that you can clearly see the dark and tragic past, as well as the psychological activities of each character.




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