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Knightly Passions (v1.03)


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Knightly Passions  (v1.03)
Knightly Passions (v1.03)

What could be better than the good old adventures of a valiant hunter in a harsh medieval world? Having those adventures in a world of magic, of course!

“Knightly Passions” is a nonlinear visual novel with RPG elements that brings together the very best aspects of the genre. In it, you alone can decide how to act in challenging situations, who to consider a friend or enemy, and how to interact with any given character. And it is up to you alone to become the greatest warrior and champion of a downtrodden world!

The storyline aims to open up a realm of adventure and whisk you up into a whirl of ever-evolving events. And let’s not forget that it’s dynamic: An ill-considered step or course of action can lead to dire consequences. Our hero, the hunter, is forced to journey to an unfamiliar city in pursuit of his kidnapped little sister. Will he manage to find faithful friends and companions, acquire mighty weapons and mythical artifacts, and present the forces of evil with a worthy foe? Will he be able to rise to heights unknown to even the most glorious knights? And will he have enough strength to withstand the devil’s most powerful weapon — temptation?

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Monsters, sorcerers, avaricious and dastardly sellswords, magical battles — these are only a fraction of what our hero will face. However, the trials and tribulations of his search are not bereft of their enjoyable moments. Awaiting the hunter on his road are interesting encounters with heroines of differing colors, creeds, and even shapes, and each relationship is accompanied by a narrative sub-arc that allows our protagonist to expand his worldview. Surrounded by beautiful young women, his breaks from adventuring promise to be unforgettable!

Adult content is presented in the game via interactive animated scenes and high-quality illustrations.

The game also features a unique combat system that requires strategic thinking. In addition to properly selecting your equipment, don’t forget to take advantage of the flexible skill system and add new additions to your combat card deck that will expand your abilities. Create your own specialized character build capable of overcoming any obstacles in your path!

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