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Krimson is a challenging gritty rhythm platformer featuring heavy electronic metal music. You’re an unknown spawn moving through a hellish world as it shifts rhythmically to the music. One wrong move means death but the checkpoints are often, and death is very short.

Hell hath rhythm and only the ones who can dance with it can conquer it. Platforms, obstacles, hazards, objects, and rules change in synch with music, the heart of this game. This game is an interactive industrial electronic techno dubstep metal album so prepare your finest headphones for this one; your ears will thank you for it!

The game takes place in four settings;

A blood-soaked organic and demonic setting filled with red all over, complemented by dirty distorted electronic tunes,

A sharp, filthy, grungy, and ruthless industrial setting accompanied by grungy industrial musical madness.

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A psychedelic LSD-fueled acid trip that just gets trippier with techno, acid and dubstep beats to bang your bloody head to ’till you don’t feel your neck.

And a brain-melting, eye-piercing, hot molten metal madness of fire and lava with the most brutal destructive devastating argent metal to melt your eyes too.

You will not get comfortable. The game demands your attention. It’s a challenge of your skills, your mind, and sometimes, your patience. Get comfortable with not being comfortable. But that’s a price worth paying for those willing to conquer hell itself.

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