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Let Me Die (inside)


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Let Me Die (inside)
Let Me Die (inside)

I think that everyone felt despair at least once in their life, and we all know that it is not a pleasant feeling. Well, the characters of Let Me Die (inside) fell into despair head over heels and decided to leave this world as soon as possible. Your duty is to fulfil their wish.

Let Me Die (inside) tries to teach the player how to prevent yourself and others from getting too far into misery by showing the horrible effects of bullying, irresponsibility, rudeness, alcohol and ignorance in the most brutal and ruthless ways.

Let Me Die (inside) is a quest. In every level, the player lives through or is told about the event that broke the character. After that, the player is expected to find a way to die, which is different in every level. In most levels, the character has final wishes, that the player has to fulfil (for example, write a suicide note).

Key Fetures:

  • Ten levels
  • Pleasant pixel art
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Side quests
  • Philosophical and humorous dialogs

Let Me Die (inside)

Let Me Die (inside)


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