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Minesweeper NG


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Minesweeper NG
Minesweeper NG

Enjoy this variant of the classical puzzle game ‘Minesweeper’. You guide a beautiful heroine through a mine field. One wrong step and your character is blasted to smithereens. Your goal is to reach the magic statue that teleports you to the next level.

In contrast to its ancestor this game has:

>30 Levels of increasing levels of difficulty

Currently there are four game modes:

Easy: Have simple fun in this beginner friendly mode!

Casual: Enjoy a relaxed game that starts easy and can last for hours!

Hard: To survive you need full mastery of this game

Key Fetures:

  • Full 3d environment
  • Sound and Music
  • Each randomly generated map can be solved
  • Save and Restore capabilities of an ongoing game
  • Extra lives to allow a longer game play
  • Nightmare: hard levels, but with a timer that turns this innocent game into an adrenaline-injecting experience

Minesweeper NG

Minesweeper NG


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