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Mylene and the Lust temple


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Mylene and the Lust temple
Mylene and the Lust temple

That is, as long as you enjoy the essence of men, you can increase your magic power without hard training! !

This secret surprised the normally earnest Mylene.

At this time, She just received an investigation mission of an ancient temple where monsters are rampant.

For Mylene, who can only take on odd tasks, this may be a chance to change herself and save her father…

In order to realize her dream, Mylene had to exploit male desire again and again…

This game is a traditional erotic RPG that explores villages and dungeons interactively and triggers events.

①Drainge: Chant before the H scene can absorb male essence and increase the magic power of Mylene.

②Mind photography: The magic that can secretly record the photos of the H scene, and can be sold for money.

◇Spare unnecessary battle processes

Mylene and the Lust temple Torrent Download

In the dungeon, you won’t enter the battle screen, as long as you hit the enemy, you can kill it with one blow.

◇Rich script with 250,000 words

◇Various H-Events satisfying different tastes of everyone

Interspecies Sex rape , gangbangs, and engage in sex activities with neighbors, priests,

competitors, and even her own father?

Mylene and the Lust temple PC Crack