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One Eleven


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One Eleven
One Eleven

Twelve individuals with deeply developed characters, whose destinies are intertwined in one terrible night that you have to endure.

Every decision you make, every carelessly thrown word, changes the course of events. Any of the twelve can become a victim and anyone can turn out to be a killer, which means that every time a new adventure awaits you.

However, catching a maniac, unraveling his secrets and motives is not all. Initially, you came to the meeting with a specific purpose. Find yourself a mate. And perhaps it is in such a critical, terrible situation that your hero will be able to find love.

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Key Fetures:

  • Original, pleasing to the eye design and art.
  • Enchanting voices of voice actors.
  • The game is entirely in Russian!
  • Dark, noir-depressive atmosphere complemented by its own musical design.
  • Huge variability, allowing for high replayability.
  • A randomly generated beginning, coupled with many decisions affecting the plot, will each time lead to new, different situations.
  • The game has more than half a million words – which is comparable to a full-fledged fiction novel, the main character of which you will become.

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