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Phantom Path


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Phantom Path
Phantom Path

The forest is infamous for claiming the lives of countless travelers. After numerous ill-fated expeditions, the kingdom has recalled all of its remaining scouts and researchers. All who wish to live are advised to avoid the treacherous place at any cost.

However, where some find misfortune, others see opportunity.

Explore the ruins of a lost ancient city, uncover the mystery of its esoteric technology, and claim its incredible treasure as your own.

Key Features

Key Fetures:

  • Solve intricate puzzles involving ancient machines as you progress through the forest.
  • Encounter strange creatures, hide from magical horrors, and circumvent deadly traps.
  • Decipher inscriptions, find letters, notes and diaries to learn about the history of the forest, as well as the fate of many explorers that entered it.
  • Solve optional challenges throughout the forest to acquire arcane books, containing ancient knowledge.
  • Discover secret areas, branching passages, and hidden treasure.
  • Work towards one of the multiple endings, and decide the fate of the forest.

Phantom Path

Phantom Path


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