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Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist


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Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist
Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist

Enter the magical world of Roterra® where up is relative and the path ahead may actually be behind. Rotate, flip, and shift to change your perspective, find your way out of complex mazes, and claim the crown of Roterra.

Sometimes changing your point of view makes all the difference.

Main characters, Angelica and Orlando face off to rule the floating cube world where gravity is no obstacle. Challenges await players as they turn and flip cubes to move the ground, open pathways, and overcome barriers in 24 levels containing over 50 hand-crafted puzzles.

With numerous puzzles, pick-up and play design, innovative gameplay and imaginative level design, Roterra 3—A Sovereign Twist will excite puzzle game fans. Remember, all puzzles are solvable but getting from start to finish takes many steps as you flip paths and toggle switches to shift the world and clear your route. Advanced planning is highly recommended with these perspective-changing maps that include hidden paths, hard to reach switches, and path-changing gems. You may get lost trying to figure out the impossible-looking puzzles, but you will never get stuck!

Key Fetures:

  • 50 hand-built puzzles over 24 levels
  • Beautifully decorated levels with updated art styles
  • New swamp environment – avoid the frogs and bees
  • New snow and ice worlds will bring a chill to your play
  • Explore new areas in the world of Roterra

Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist

Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist


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