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Shadow Lens


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Shadow Lens
Shadow Lens

The player is thrust into the role of a nameless protagonist tasked with investigating the strange happenings on an old farm. Discover the mystery of what happened to your daughter, Hantu. On the journey finding a plethora of tools and items to aid in her search. For example, your upgradable polaroid camera can be used to aluminate dark spaces. But be careful, because monsters often hide in these areas and are hard to see. To find Hantu, puzzles involving items must be solved. Most items can be interacted with, consumed, or picked up with your hand. Mastery of the tools and consumables is the key to finding Her. Hidden secrets from Cheat Codes to Unlockable areas litter the landscape. It is up to you to find them. Are you brave enough to look within the shadows and find Hantu?

The game case reads:

Monsters lurk across your uncle’s farm.

Collect tools to unlock new areas.

Upgrade your camera to navigate the darkness.

Find your missing daughter.

Discover what happened to her.

Solve puzzles to get items.

Complete quests for the locals.

Get slimed and try again!

Shadow Lens

Shadow Lens


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