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Siluman Fantasy – First Half –


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Siluman Fantasy – First Half –
Siluman Fantasy – First Half –


“Minoru” is a regular NEET guy living in a crummy apartment paid for by his grandfather’s inheritance. He was perfectly content to waste away in those four walls until a particular package with no return address arrived at his door. Inside is a strange device and a message from his grandfather. In a flash, he got abducted and sent to another world filled with monsters and women. Now he must collect the Lust and Libido energy from monster and the girls to find the truth and make his way home.

Will he prove himself a Hero? Or shall he remain a deadbeat forever?


The system is RPG Maker default with some gimmick and memes. The purpose of the game is to defeat monster girls bosses and reach the ending based on what action do you do. Will you become a dominator, a savior, or a deadbeat…

In the game there is :

1. 8 Monster Girls

2. 13 Unique CG with it’s own variations.

3. 5 Stages with some weird and unique gimmicks.

4. 4 Endings

And many secrets we put in the game.


Accept/Check = Z/Enter

Decline/Cancel/Menu = X

Walk = Left Shift

Skip/Fast Forward Text = CTRL

Hide Textbox(H-Scene only) = ALT

About Siluman Project

Siluman is a fancy name from ancient words meaning apparition or inhuman monsters.

The main plot in our games centers around the relationship of three main characters:

Shikiyoku Minoru – Human ??? Grandson of Lavos

Alice Spade – Succubus from Another World

Lavos R. Fransteiner – Mad Scientist

In an attempt to make the ultimate lifeform, Minoru’s grandfather Lavos R. Fransteiner ended up making Monster girls instead. They lack reasoning, will, a soul, and are driven only by primal desire “Lust” to create more of them for nourishment. It is up to Minoru with the help of his Succubus friend Alice Spade to fix all the mess and stop this zombie like apocalypse.

Siluman Fantasy – First Half –

Siluman Fantasy – First Half –


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