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Where am I?

You wake up in a cold and dark cell. You look around. Everything seems abandoned and run-down. All of a sudden, the speaker on the wall activates with a loud and shrill noise.

A voice comes through the speaker. It tells you to leave the room.

Why? Just… why am I here?

But it doesn’t want to tell you that. There are several different doors. The rooms behind the doors, have been prepared specifically for YOU. You need to complete multiple tasks to proceed. But will this bring back your freedom in the end?

Nobody knows…

About the game

You, as the one who was captured, have to solve multiple riddles in several rooms to proceed. Why you were captured in the first place? Nobody knows. There is a voice that speaks through the speakers, watching your every step and telling you what you have to do in order to proceed this morbid game. You better play along. Maybe there is a small chance to escape? Aside from that, you are able to find diaries from former captives, which you can read. What did they experience?

Key Fetures:

  • Varying riddles
  • Simple controls
  • Classic pixel graphics inspired by old Game Boy games
  • Black and white screentone
  • Highlighted objects have colors
  • Dubbed speaker voice in English and German
  • Two different endings – you decide how this will end!
  • Another secret ending to unlock
  • Replayability




System minimum

System recommended