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Spam Text is a word game that requires you to quickly think about all the words in your dictionary that can match letters on the screen. Think fast before the letters pile up to the top of the screen.

The rules are simple:

There are two game modes:

There are three game styles:

Key Fetures:

  • Spam words on your keyboard with letters on the screen.
  • Any 3-10 letter word counts.
  • Use bigger words to score more points!
  • Free Play – any word goes even if you already played it before.
  • Challenge Mode – no duplicate words allowed!
  • Marathon – Letters fall with no caveat, expand your vocabulary!
  • Item Mode – Letters fall, but sometimes there will be random multipliers, Bombs, and more!
  • Word Quest – Only score points by playing words in the word list, but be careful! Sometimes you don’t have the letter you need and you’ll need to play other words so the blocks don’t stack too high. The lists get harder with each level!

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