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[Speer DX]


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[Speer DX]
[Speer DX]

Grab your speer (which is cooler than a regular spear) and puzzle-platform your way through 125 stages! Throw it into walls to create a platform, flick switches with it, or imbue it with different powers to get past lasers, portals and much more!

[Speer DX] is the director’s cut of the classic [Speer] and features more levels, features and additional layers of polish, making this the ultimate Speer experience!


Praise for the Original Game

“[SPEER] from @ohsat_games is pure puzzle platforming perfection!”

“Dude I love Speer so much!”

“A stylish retro puzzle platformer with some great level design and speer hurling gameplay that’s well worth taking a stab at.”

“[…]Speer delivers some very clever puzzles. Speer [is] a game that’s often challenging but rarely frustrating. That’s a balance few games get right.”

Key Fetures:

  • Turn your speer into a platform to climb walls!
  • 125 stages filled with puzzles and platforming
  • Place checkpoints anywhere in the level and reload instantly
  • Stuck on a level? Skip it and come back later!
  • Optional slow motion feature to help with tricky platforming sections
  • Speedrun mode: Beat the game as fast as you can!
  • Pursuing Pixels
  • Kevin Cole, developer of Haque
  • KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • Matthew Codd, Shindig

[Speer DX]

[Speer DX]


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