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Terror At Oakheart


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Terror At Oakheart
Terror At Oakheart

The renowned slasher horror films of the 1980s and 1990s serve as a source of inspiration for Terror at Oakheart. The community of Oakheart has been terrorized by Teddy, a masked serial killer. As the body count rises, you discover there is more going on here than just a man in a mask killing helpless teenagers.

The side-scrolling, pixel-based game Terror At Oakheart aims to replicate the experience of watching an 80s horror movie. You will play a variety of characters throughout the game, and all of them will perish horribly at the hands of Teddy, a psychotic serial murderer who is under the sway of a Lovecraftian beast. You will move through a number of set pieces in the Town of Oakheart, such as Teddy’s house, the nearby police station, a ranger station, camp areas, and more!

Uncover the truth and fight to survive in this unique pixel-based horror game full of gruesome gore and fearful frights!

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Enjoy Chapter 1 and the prologue for free as part of the Terror At Oakheart demo! Available now!

Play as a cast of characters who square off against Teddy. Who will survive, and who will be killed in the most horrific ways?

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