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The No-Name Project


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The No-Name Project
The No-Name Project

When I started creating this game, I asked myself, “What do I want to create?” and the answer was, “Freedom!”

Welcome to “The No-Name Project,” where anything goes! Choose from 16 different character designs, with more on the way. In this game, you’re free to adopt animals such as cows and cats, dogs and pigs, a mysterious bird, some dead monkeys, literally any NPC that you kill (if you learn necromancy), and even some weird dinosaurs that you have to revive yourself in your conquered castle (that you also have to conquer all by yourself) to help you on your journey. But that’s just the beginning. With the power of necromancy, you can resurrect people from the graves you find throughout the game. Some you may have even killed yourself. Help a family one day, and kill them the next. Dig for gold in their basement, rob their graves, and resurrect them as your zombie slaves. The choice is yours. In “The No-Name Project,” there are endless possibilities. Fish to your heart’s content, mine for precious gems and ores, and cut down trees if you are into that. You can interact with almost anything in the wilderness, uncovering hidden secrets and lore. And the best part? “The No-Name Project” is updated almost twice a month with new content, so the adventure never ends.

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Key Fetures:

  • Save villagers (or don’t), help them and/or work for them (or don’t), kill them (or don’t), rob their graves (or don’t), resurrect them via necromancy (or don’t), dig in their basement for gold (or don’t), kill their chickens for meat (or don’t).
  • Fish/mine/craft.
  • Cut trees, gather flowers, gather rocks, and travel where you want.
  • Kill a king in order to become a king? Hold court events, and make your own religion.
  • Own a restaurant.
  • Go to jail!
  • Build statues of yourself!
  • Adorn your castle with 96 different flag possibilities.
  • Join a warrior’s guild and take bounties.
  • Secret weapons and other items scattered everywhere.
  • Upgrade your house and plant things in your garden.
  • Magic College and underwater temple.
  • Own a cow!? Also, a dog, cat, a weird entity, resurrect every grave you find in the wild, monkeys, a weird pork monster, a bird, a dinosaur, a treant, a bear cub (that can become a bear), people you killed, golems, and a chicken. (more to come) Some of them come with their backstory and can be upgraded.

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