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Treasure Chest Clicker


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Treasure Chest Clicker
Treasure Chest Clicker

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Welcome to Treasure Chest Clicker! In this addictive idle clicker game, you will unlock thousands of treasure chests filled with gold coins and rare treasures. Begin your journey with a humble wooden chest and progress to unlock an assortment of peculiar and one-of-a-kind chests.

Cursors & Damage

Click your way to a fortune! In this classic idle clicker game, your clicks will start out weak, but as you advance, your clicking power will steadily increase. Equip various cursors that suit your playstyle. If you prefer a more passive approach and enjoy running the game in the background, passive cursors will be your choice. For those who prefer an active playstyle with emphasis on critical damage, active and crit damage cursors are available. Of course, there are also cursors that cater to players who enjoy a balanced mix of everything.

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The Treasure Chests

From weak wooden chests to mighty golden chests, Treasure Chest Clicker showcases over 25 unique chests. As you progress, each chest becomes progressively harder to open, yet the rewards grow more enticing. Opening each chest will grant you a specific amount of gold coins. XP will also be earned from each chest, and accumulating enough XP will level you up and grant you skill points! Chests have a small chance to drop treasures, including ultra rare ones. Collect all the rare treasures, just as an adventurous pirate would!

Prestige & Skill Tree

Once you have enough skill points, you can choose to prestige. Spend your skill points on unique prestige upgrades tailored to your play style. There are upgrades available to suit every preference. Invest all your skill points into passive damage and witness the chests opening effortlessly while you relax. If you prefer the spectacle of gold and treasures flying out from the chests, allocate your skill points towards the gold and treasure upgrades. Regardless of how you choose to allocate your skill points, you will significantly enhance your strength!

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