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VIVIDLOPE is an arcade game with a puzzle flavor, where the goal is to color the stages with the right color. Step on the tiles until you’ve cleared the target percentage. Sounds easy? It’s anything but! In this twisted realm, walking on walls and ceilings is a regular occurrence, as the gravity beneath your feet constantly adapts to where you’re going. On top of that, hostile beings continuously arrive through the portals and the color changing patterns become more complex as you beat the stages, so keep calm and stay grounded – as long as you remember wherever the ground is!

Key Fetures:

  • Arcade game with a puzzle bent
  • Dazzling stages to traverse from all sides
  • Nonlinear progression – pick the stage you want to go to next, save the difficult ones for later
  • The Power Meter mechanic rewards smart routing with higher speed – think ahead and boost your chances of survival
  • Enter the Bonus Phase and try clearing 100% of the stage!
  • Plethora of different obstacles that will keep you on your toes – maneuver between shockwaves, squeeze into tight openings and outsmart the foes darting your way
  • Lots of stuff that will help you on your way – kick the paint rollers, burst the dusty flowers
  • Grab the items and go wild with the souped-up powerups – dispatch enemies, flush the screen with a flurry of colors!
  • Ranking system that will keep you coming back!




System minimum

System recommended