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Spiralagon is a single-player 3D platformer, where players tackle spiraling paths in dangerous environments, cutting corners and taking risks to set high scores or fast times, or both.

Gameplay :

Take Aalon and the other characters up snowy mountain peaks, down magma wells, or into illogical arrangements of HVAC and hardware

– Clear Checkpoints to set Fastest Times in Speed mode

– Collect Points and a Key to get High Scores in Greed mode

– Clear Checkpoints, and collect Points and a Key in SpeedGreed

– Don’t run out of Health and don’t run out of Time

– Use Speed Boosts, Jump Boosts, and Teleportation to take risks or regain lost ground

– Get back to the Finish Gate with your score and moments to spare

Spiralagon is configurable to suit some different play styles and provide some different experiences. For example:

– A stressful, twitchy rush with high speeds and short time limits in a roasting volcanic environment.

– A safe and steady maximisation of score and health with 10+ minutes of tactically navigating air conditioning units, heater and freezer elements, fans, and ice.

– A relaxing and contemplative spiral ascent and descent of alpine peaks, free from time limits or health levels in No Pressure mode.

– A measured, permadeath campaign across all levels with an accumulating score and elapsing 42 minute timer, enabling indulgence in high points areas and allowing the necessary focus in difficult areas if health and campaign time are managed well.

– Play at your leisure in No Pressure mode.

Is it safe to speed boost through the last few checkpoints without falling down a gap?

Should the level be restarted if it wasn’t a perfect start?




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