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Apocalypse Love Shelter


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Apocalypse Love Shelter
Apocalypse Love Shelter

This is a post-apocalyptic adventure/base building game with real actors. You take on the role of a military aficionada who, purely as a hobby, built an entire refugee safehouse. Who would’ve thought that an apocalypse would actually strike? Now, this simple shelter will survive as the first and final line of defense between you and the teeming swarms of zombies.

Game features:

·[Pregame: Prior to the apocalypse arriving, you use your personal cash to build up your shelter and perfect it.]

·[Arrival: Some people who knew of your hobbies, such as a friend, a coworker, or a neighbor all attempt to enter the shelter. You can choose whether to let them in or not.】

·[Shelter Management: Once you’ve built up a team, you need to decide on the best way to allocate food, water, and other resources.]

·[Poor Management: Your team will suffer both physically and mentally if you make poor choices – and they may even fall into the eternal slumber of night.】

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·[Night Events: If you don’t have enough food, everyone’s condition will drastically deteriorate, resulting in all sorts of nighttime events.】

·[Affinity & Sidequests: Set your gaze beyond the confines of your shelter. Certain decisions you make in the post-apocalyptic streets will also have a major impact. 】

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