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Backrooms Break


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Backrooms Break
Backrooms Break

Explore and shatter the environments of the Backrooms and Poolrooms! Utilize Thor’s demolition hammer, firearms, and explosives to carve your way through the walls and entities. This isn’t just another mundane walking simulator game. Now, the entities are the victims. Overcome your fears with violence.

Your hammer is your primary weapon. It possesses a boomerang functionality, akin to Thor’s hammer, allowing it to break through walls and the heads of entities. Obliterate everything in your path.

Discover additional firearms within the labyrinth. Upgrade them for greater firepower. Seek out healing items and ammo to ensure your survival.

Beware of the mimic enemies, capable of assuming any form within the Backrooms. Exercise caution. Encounter other adversaries like Crawlers, Skullscythes, and Spitters—you can dismantle them by shooting off their limbs.

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You are no longer a victim within the confines of the Backrooms. Conquer your fears through violence.

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