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Beyond Hope


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Beyond Hope
Beyond Hope

Alone or with friends, your mission is to survive the dangers of space. Build a space station strong enough to defend against enemy attacks.

You start your journey stranded in space, where you were blasted off your space shuttle moments before. You are on your own but luckily equipped with an energy laser that allows you to gather much-needed resources to build a sustainable space station. With your last tank of air left and no food or water, survival will not be easy!

Beyond Hope sends you on a journey of survival, where your objective is to stay alive. Building an endurable space station from resources found in space will do just that!

Resources in space are hard to get: you will have to destroy different asteroids for different resources and leave the safety of our space station to collect them. But beware – if you get too far away from your space station you may run out of oxygen which is keeping you alive in extreme conditions. However, this is not the only danger in space.

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Key Fetures:

  • Multiplayer! Survive by yourself or with friends in an online co-op!
  • Use your energy laser to get resources.
  • Craft oxygen tanks, resources..
  • Build generators, and similar objects to stay alive!
  • Explore the galaxy!
  • Defend your base from the dangers of space!

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