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Bullet Time Battle


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Bullet Time Battle
Bullet Time Battle

Bullet Time Battle is a FPS that features bullet time, a unique gameplay mechanic that allows player to slow down time and increase precision during combat. With two game modes, Bomb Threat and Flag Capture, you’ll experience intense and funny battles against AI bots in a range of environments.


Game Modes:

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Key Fetures:

  • Bomb Threat: In this mode, you’ll need to plant or defuse bombs in strategic locations while battling enemies. Use your skills and strategy to outwit your opponents and complete the objective.
  • Flag Capture: In this mode, you’ll need to capture or defend flags while defeating enemies. With your team try to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Cinematic Story
  • Bullet Time: Player can activate bullet time to manipulate time and increase precision when using a range of weapons. Take a closer look at details and make every shot count.
  • PvE: Experience team-based gameplay as you battle against progressively challenging AI bots.
  • Dificulty: As rounds progress, the number of bots increases, and you’ll have two minutes to achieve objectives. The game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress.

Bullet Time Battle

Bullet Time Battle


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