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Come Covid-20 the virus had mutated into something more realistic of the apocalypse we all wanted! You play as one of the few remaining special forces operatives with one objective, shred the dead!

Set over a huge map with abandoned schools, shops, train station, homes, and more with 5 classic perk machines such as speed cola (fast reload), hyperbull (super speed), double tap perk, increased health perk and mule kick (extra weapon), classic random weapon boxes with several highly original SMGs, Sniper rifles and fully Auto and burst rifles.

Goodies like that are hard to reach and your chances of getting cornered by a horde is high unless they’re distracted by teammates,

The easier a weapon box or ammo buy is to get too, the more expensive it is, the harder, the cheaper it is.

There are no horde warnings in this zombie outbreak. Work as a 4 man team or less.

Single player or up to 4 player co-op Host/Join Session only, not dedicated servers.

Controllers work in game but menus are mouse and keyboard.

Controls :

Jump/ spacebar or gamepad bottom button

Crouch/ C or gamepad right button

Sprint/ Left Shift or gamepad left thumbstick button

Aim/ Right Mouse Button or gamepad left trigger

Fire/ Left mouse Button or Gamepad right trigger

Cycle weapon up/ 1 or gamepad top button

cycle weapon down/ 2 or Gamepad top button

Reload/ R or Gamepad face button left

USE/ Activate/ E or gamepad face button left

Scoreboard/ Tab or gamepad special left button

Chat/ T or Gamepad D-Pad Down

Melee/ Q or Gamepad Right Thumbstick

Roll/ Caps lock or Gamepad right shoulder

Flashlight toggle/ 3 or Gamepad D-Pad up




System minimum

System recommended