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Drift is a co-op survival adventure set in a mysterious asteroid field. Craft, build and explore alone or with friends to rebuild the technology you lost when your research ship crashed.

Adventure Together

Join up to 7 friends as you wrangle asteroids, build vast ships and travel deep into the field together. Be on the lookout for strange fauna. This far in space, there’s no telling what you might discover.

Build Your Own Interstellar Ship

Your research ship, once a small town bustling with science, is almost entirely gone. Use the resources you gather to build it anew. Life Support and other advanced systems can remove the pressure of space life. Bring home scavenge from the field to make it feel like home.

Explore The Field

There’s something more than large rocks in this field. Gear up and explore the cosmos with your friends one rock at a time to find the resources and answers you need. A beautiful soundtrack by Curtis Schweitzer will accompany you on your expeditions.

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Craft and Automate

This is more than you can handle by hand. Craft survival gear, multi-tool upgrades, tractor beams and more to help you survive the journey. Embrace the power of automation to do work for you while you venture deeper into the unknown.

Rediscover Space Technology

You’re lucky to be alive, but you’re not alone in this. A basic maintenance drone managed to stay with the ship, and is ready to learn. Together, collect and research what you need to build the technology to get home.

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