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You are a descendant of the colonists of the mysterious desert planet Ensora. Having lost contact with the Earth, people divided into groups in a desperate struggle for the remnants of food and resources. Can you fight back against wild bands of thugs? Will you uncover the secrets of the powerful Corporation? Do you have a chance to return home?

In the game, you have to face a lot of fast fights. The outcome of the fight often depends on the speed and accuracy of the player. To win, use all available weapons – from energy rifles to combat missiles. Improve your skills and become invincible!

To explore the planet you have to control a spaceship. On board, you monitor the fuel level and the amount of food, trade or craft useful items. Rest will restore your health.

As you leave the ship in search of food and resources, you will encounter Ensora’s many dangers – wild creatures, bandits, androids, and more. Keep in mind, the road with difficult obstacles often leads to the most generous reward.

Key Fetures:

  • Control the spaceship while exploring the game map
  • Find, buy or steal food and other valuable resources
  • Overcome the endless expanses of the planet on a futuristic bike
  • Hack the Corporation’s security systems to reach hidden places and high value items
  • Upgrade ship systems, armor, weapons and more
  • Craft weapons and ammo to fight your enemies




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