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Flight 666


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Flight 666
Flight 666

Flight 666 – Unmask the Fake Passengers!

Prepare for a hilarious and suspense-filled journey aboard Flight 666, the most unusual flight you’ll ever take! As you step into the shoes of a keen-eyed passenger, you’ll quickly realize that something is amiss on this 747 jumbo jet. Among the 340 fellow passengers, disguised in spooky costumes, there’s an imposter lurking in plain sight. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: expose the fake passenger before it’s too late!


Simple Controls

Flight 666 offers an accessible and engaging gaming experience for players of all ages. With straightforward keyboard and mouse controls, you’ll be ready for takeoff in no time.

Accuse with ‘E’

Suspect someone of being the imposter? Hit the ‘E’ key to make your accusation! Choose wisely, as you only have three chances.

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Try Again with ‘666’

Whether you win or lose, a new round is just a keystroke away. Press ‘666’ to embark on another thrilling flight!

Quitting Made Easy

Need to take a breather from the suspense? Press the ‘Escape’ key to exit the game.

The Mystery Unfolds

On this fateful Halloween flight, everyone’s in costume, from zombies to Santa, mummies to yetis, witches to skeletons, and wizards galore. The challenge lies in distinguishing the genuine passengers from the “not real” imposters.

Can you trust your instincts and detective skills to unveil the fraudster before time runs out? Your task is far from simple, as the chaotic Halloween attire makes it a true test of perception. Remember, if you can’t expose the imposter in time, you might just find yourself escorted off the plane for being “crazy”!

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