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Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors


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Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors
Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors

The land of Shartaia has just lost its last Gem. No one knows where it went except for Dr. Soystein, who’s working on an evil plan in the Mental Asoylum. As Chud, a fearless lone wolf, you’re out to save the world. Power through Soystein’s nefarious army of ‘jaks and take down the Asoylum in this atmospheric, gut-wrenching, jaw-clenching, slow burn, quasi-ironic survival shooter.

YOU WILL get 2-5 Hours of bone-chilling gameplay

YOU WILL fight against hordes of ruthless ‘jaks as well as malevolent bosses

YOU WILL play through seven worlds full of suspenseful build up with strong character development and gradual feeling of escalation

YOU WILL collect and upgrade 8 different weapons with unique playstyles, matchups, and synergy as well as consumables and spells to give you an edge against your foes

Survive and power through soyish swarms of enemies, each wave stronger than the last. Learn to best and dodge unique ‘jaks from a diverse cast. Eat bugs to restore your health without destroying the environment! Conquer over minibosses that throw a wrench into your survival plan.

Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • YOU WILL listen to a DYNAMIC, RAW, and ENTRANCING original soundtrack

Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors PC Crack