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Gone Upstate


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Gone Upstate
Gone Upstate

You find yourself yearning for the call of the wild outdoors. Take a bus and head upstate to the cabin you built yourself and forget the old world down south for a bit, or forever.

Gone Upstate is a peaceful survival game where you explore and build in a forgiving colorful environment. With Gone Upstate you can immerse yourself in a quiet, relaxing world at any time and take a break from everyday life. At the same time, Gone Upstate offers a challenge for those that want to manage resources and can enable dangerous predators around to keep you on your toes.

Key Features:

Key Fetures:

  • Hunt! Search the landscape for a variety of game, including: Deer, rabbits, moose and boar.
  • Defend! Dangerous predator animals abound. Use your skills to avoid wolf, bear, wild boar and coyote attacks.
  • Acquire! Purchase and craft a variety of guns and tools to aid in your survival.
  • Forage! Search for edible mushrooms, useful plants and harvest lumber.
  • Farm! Grow a variety of crops and sell the excess to market.
  • Cook! Fill an empty stomach will an array of delicious recipes made from the fruits of the hunt and the land.
  • Sell! Sell excess supplies to local stores to help fund that next purchase.
  • Build! Buy and sell Land, Build a cabin for home or to increase the property value.
  • Explore! The large open world is filled with different biomes that contain certain plants and animals.

Gone Upstate

Gone Upstate