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Grand Canyon


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Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a survival, top-down game. Quests, looting and battle against dangerous creatures. Level your character and skills to become the master of the island. Craft new equipment for yourself with crafting items you collect from the world around you to add to your power

About the story

The island where you are forced to dock after a shipwreck is an island where dangerous experiments are being conducted by scientists. After some failed experiments and unexpected developments, a dangerous virus has taken over the island. With a dozen people left on the island, you will embark on a struggle to escape from the island. You need to meet your basic needs to survive, and there are many new skills you need to learn to become stronger. As you build relationships with people, your initially uncertain situation gradually becomes clearer and clearer as you find your way off the island.

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Key Fetures:

  • The weak walkers are a type of frail zombie, the result of the transformation of old people on the island.
  • Normal walkers are slightly faster and more durable than weak walkers. You need more strength and speed to kill them.
  • Boomers have a very weak outer layer. At the slightest interaction, they explode themselves, creating a sonic wave that causes massive damage. I suggest you watch out behind the trees when you’re in the woods at night.
  • Splitter is a zombie that moves very fast. The only way to avoid her is to make sure she doesn’t chase you. As long as she is chasing you, she will try to kill you by shooting you in the back with the acid she collects in her mouth.
  • The claw zombie is fast, durable, tough and very strong. If it comes close you should be prepared to take heavy damage

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