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Halftime Heroes


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Halftime Heroes
Halftime Heroes

Instant RPG Action

Halftime Heroes is a Survival Rogue Action RPG where you fight monsters, defeat bosses, obtain loot and spend gold increasing your skills!

Magic, loot and monsters

Choose your class!

Key Fetures:

  • 6 different classes with different strengths
  • 4 Different modes instantly unlocked for different playthroughs
  • Fight against hordes of monsters
  • 5 different bosses waiting with awesome loot
  • Roll for luck, throw the dices and improve the treasure you find!
  • Experiment through different combinations of stats and spells
  • Upgrade your skills and improve your chances each time you lose
  • The warrior hurts enemies back and has high survival
  • The wizard has the strongest spell focus
  • The ranger is the fastest and blocks a lot of damage
  • The monk has the best damage output
  • The rogue has the highest luck to get better loot
  • The cleric is a fine balance between every class

Halftime Heroes

Halftime Heroes


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