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Hope Land is a Multiplayer Online Action Survival Game.

Players will have to survive in the devastated world after the apocalyptic event.The land is full of danger such as the hostile environment of desert that also fills with many mutated creatures that are ready to end your life with just one wrong step. Your cunning and wit is the best weapon of all, players can craft your own customized weapon such as edge weapon or even firearm from items that you can find from the surrounding environment. Find your friend to fight alongside, to overcome the great danger that sole person can’t. And beware, make your choice wisely. Any of your decisions will affect the future no matter if it will be good or worst. Can you survive in this land? The land that what keeps you going is only the hope to survive?


(In-game lore and story will be fully implement in the later build)

Key Fetures:

  • Introducing the devastated world after the destruction, set at the 50 years in the future. With a large open world the player can freely explore and fight your way to survive in this god forsaken land.
  • All Characters come with special skills and abilities, more than 50 types to choose from and will be more in the future.
  • Npc in the world will have different interactions depending on player behavior, which choice the player made in the past will affect how the people will interact with you.
  • Go on the hunt against deadly enemies with your friends, including the world boss that just a few people is not enough. But require help from the entire settlement or city to slain.(Online multiplayer content will be available in the later version)
  • Hire Npc to help players to do tasks that you normally can’t. In which each npc will have their own set of skill and ability.




System minimum

System recommended