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IKO 39


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IKO 39
IKO 39

Space station IKO based on one of colonized planets has gone silent.

Casey should find the cause of the failure.

As soon as she arrives on the planet, she realizes that this is hardly the main problem of the colonists.

Since her spaceship is malfunctioning too, Casey doesn’t have an opportunity to seek help from Earth.

From now Casey is to find a way out from this difficult situation alone.

Artificial Intelligence IKO is the only one that will come to her aid.

Diaries of the disappeared station manager will be a great help too.

One of Casey’s main enemies will be the station’s broken mechanisms and robots. Who broke them and why is a mystery that also needs to be solved.

A bunch of useful things can be found both outside and inside the station.

Casey is to face a tough test. She will discover strange new causes of the incident during it.

IKO 39

IKO 39


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